Caregiver Education

For family caregvers, knowing what to do to support someone who needs care doesn't always come naturally. Most caregivers could use some advice or training now and then. There are a number of different programs and resources that provide information on how to care for someone including:


Caregiver trainings and workshops


Following are some caregiving workshops that are available in many areas around the state. There are other kinds of trainings and special events for caregivers that take place locally. To learn more about these and other caregiver education programs or to find out where and when these programs may be happening in your area, contact your local Family Caregiver Support Program.


Powerful Tools for Caregivers


This six-week course is for family caregivers of older adults with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other disabling conditions. The class helps caregivers build communication skills, lower stress, set goals, make tough decisions, and communicate with family members and medical providers. Participants use relaxation and planning tools while learning to cope with anger and guilt, access community resources, and solve problems. To find a Powerful Tools for Caregivers workshop in your area, visit the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging.