Wisconsin Family & Caregiver Support Alliance Goals

The Wisconsin Family and Caregiver Support Alliance has five primary goals:

1. Increase Outreach and Awareness

Through purposeful outreach, the Alliance will raise awareness about the breadth of
caregiving and family support needs in our state with the goal of improving understanding
and acceptance and identifying solutions.

2. Promote Policy and Advocacy Efforts

The Alliance will inform public policy and engage in dialogue with policymakers and state
agencies to advance solutions that result in the implementation of new, effective

3. Improve Systems Navigation and Access

The Alliance will consult with a diverse group of families, caregivers and professionals to
identify gaps in resources and service provision with the goal of leading to concrete
improvement in access to essential supports, information and resources.


4. Expand Family and Caregiver Support

The Alliance will expand the availability of supports for families and caregivers, in part by
advancing collaboration and communication between aging and disability systems.

5. Strengthen Community Support

Members of the Alliance will work in communities to promote better understanding of
local challenges that prevent families from accessing quality care from paid and unpaid
caregivers and to promote the societal value of supporting caregivers.


Wisconsin Family & Caregiver Support Alliance Six Month Report - March, 2018