Are You a Family Caregiver?


We all wear many hats. But often, we don't recognize ourselves as caregivers — even when we're doing all the things that caregivers do.


Take this quiz and decide for yourself if you are a family caregiver.


Caring Across Generations - Guide for Caregivers


Caring Across Generations - Guide for Care Recipients



Access Trualta Resources for Caregivers


We are providing Trualta to help you manage challenging care situations at home. Get access to an online library of short courses, skills training, useful local resources and support; all accessible on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. 


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NEW – Wisconsin Working Caregiver Survey Results IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE 


A Message to Employers

Are you struggling to hire or retain workers? Do you know how many of your employees have family caregiving responsibilities in addition to traditional child rearing?


It may surprise you to learn that one in four working-age adults provides care or financial assistance to an older family member, an adult child or other loved on with a disability, or spouse with a long-term illness. This means that at least one quarter of potential hires and of staff you currently employ are engaged in a balancing act between home and office. Attracting and retaining workers today requires strategies that stand out Survey Full Report and 2 Page Summary. 

Caregivers Can Find Educational Support Through New Partnership with Trualta


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TRUALTA is an online educational tool to help family caregivers learn new skills to support themselves and their loved ones.  Sponsored by the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, the Dane County Area Agency on Aging, and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Trualta can now be accessed by family caregivers in Wisconsin for no charge.  To register visit




Find Help in Your Area 

Taking care of someone can be a joy, but it can be hard too — even when it's someone you love. There are agencies throughout the state providing information, support, and resources to people who need help caring for a family member, friend, or neighbor. Staff can provide information about respite care, adaptive equipment, transportation, medication management, home and yard care, support groups, meals, and wellness programs. They can also check to see if you are eligible for any programs to help cover costs.   On the map below, click on your county or tribe to connect with someone who can provide you with local resources that can help.


State & Local Resources