If you or someone you know is caring for a friend or family member and needs some help, check out these local, state, national resources.


After Caregiving Resources


These resources help caregivers maneuver through the emotional, legal, financial, and other life changes that come after day-to-day caregiving ends when the loved one moves to a facility or dies.


Assistive Technology


Assistive technology (AT) is any product or device that enables people with disabilities or those who struggle to complete daily tasks to improve their independence and quality of life in the community, at home, at work, and at school.  AT devices can make life easier for the caregiver as well as the person using it.


Caregiver Support Agencies


These sites provide a variety of general information related to family caregiving as well as places to find specific information about illnesses and conditions that often require caregiving.


Caregiver Support Groups


Find out about support groups, memory cafes, caregiver classes, and training options that connect caregivers with information and groups to learn about caring for their loved ones and themselves.


Grandparents and Relative Caregivers


It is becoming more common for grandparents and other relatives to take on the responsibility of surrogate parenting due to the absence of the parents.  This can be a rewarding, yet challenging experience. Learn more about the assistance available for grandparents and other relatives who are raising a grandchild or another young family member.


Health Care Resources


Learn more about the different kinds of care available and where to go to get assistance accessing care.

Independent Living Resources


Find local, state, and national resources to help you and/or your loved one live as independently as possible.


Legal and Financial Resources


Understanding the legal and financial issues surrounding family caregiving can be challenging. Learn more about these concerns and where to go for assistance.


Long Term Care Options


Families can have very different living arrangements when caregiving is involved and, when care needs change, those arrangements often have to change too. Learn more about the different types of housing and living options available to people who need care.