Expanding Respite Options & Providers Workgroup

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THE GOAL:  Expand the availability of respite services to families who need it.


The 2022 Workplan Key Activitiy:  Assist with the dissemination a comprehensive Wisconsin Respite Survey .


The Wisconsin Respite Survey is an online survey of caregivers, care recipients, respite providers, and agencies. The survey is being conducted in partnership between the Marquette University College of Nursing, the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin, and ARCH National Resource Network.


The purpose of the survey is to:  
1. Assess and understand the current state of respite in Wisconsin by understanding who is receiving respite, who is providing respite, and how agencies provide respite.    
2. Understand of the availability and access of receiving respite. 
3. Understand the respite care workforce.  
4. Understand how respite is used, and what outcomes respite provides. 


If you are interested in learning more about the workgroup, please get in touch with the co-chairs:


Lisa Schneider at lschneider@respitecarewi.org  or Kim E. Whitmore, PhD, RN, CPN at kimberly.whitmore@marquette.edu