Employer Engagement Workgroup

  The goal of the Employer Engagement Workgroup is to create a more flexible and supportive employer environment for employees who are supporting   and caring for family members.  See WFACSA's Employer Policy Brief.




In June of 2021 the Employer Engagement Workgroup, in partnership with UW Extension, launched a new Employed Family Caregiver Survey.  The survey is open to anyone in Wisconsin who is working, whether or not they are currently providing care for someone.  The results of the survey will be used to help employers and organizations better understand what their employees, who also provide care to a loved one at home, need to do the best they can in their jobs.  Responses from participants are confidential and no employee or employer will be identified in survey results.  


Data collected will increase our collective knowledge of how family caregiving is impacting businesses and workplaces by:

♦ revealing the nature and prevalence of family caregiving responsibilities across the state

♦ providing statewide data needed to develop free or low-cost business solutions

♦ identifying what we can do together to implement changes that fit today’s workforce


To take the survey, please follow this link.



In 2018 the workgroup conducted a survey to better understand the challenges employers experience as they address the needs of employees with caregiving responsibilities.  More than 200 Wisconsin employers completed the survey and a report of the results can be found here:  Employer Survey Summary  The intent of the survey is to improve information and other resources available to Wisconsin employers as they support all caregivers on the job. 


WFACSA continues to educate Wisconsin employers about the prevalence of caregivers in the workplace and how supporting these caregivers is a benefit to their company as well as to their employers.  For more information about employers and caregivers, please contact Lynn Gall: Lynn.Gall@dhs.wisconsin.gov or Harriet Redman: Harriet@wisconsibs.org