Underserved Families Workgroup

DESCRIPTION OF THE WORKGROUP:  This workgroup consists of individuals working together in a collaborative nature with a focus on improving supports for families of color and other underserved populations.  While services and resources are available to families and caregivers in Wisconsin, underserved families including Black, Hispanic, Tribal Communities and Hmong populations frequently experience barriers to access typical caregiver supports.  


THE GOAL: Increase outreach and engagement with Underserved Populations.


2022 Workplan Activity:  Create partnerships with key agencies that serve underserved populations to build trusted relationships, improve access to opportunities for advocacy to better meet the needs of families of color and other underserved populations.  


This workgroup has created a Policy Brief which outlines recommendations related to reaching underserved caregiver populations and families.  One recommendation of the group is to promote the role of a Family Navigator/Family Caregiver Navigator. See a sample job description here.


Another way improvement can occur is by building community and statewide networks that can deliver emotional, personal, and peer support that all families need. 



Early in 2020 the Wisconsin Family and Caregiver Support Alliance collaborated with seven statewide family organizations to survey more than 300 families for their opinions on the possible use of Family Navigators within Wisconsin’s Children’s Long-Term Support system.   Read the final report here.



If you are interested in learning more about the workgroup, please get in touch with the co-chairs:


Rachel Watkins-Petersen at rwatkins-petersen@respitecarewi.org  or TBD.